Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cell Phones; How they have changed us socially mentally and physically.

I chose Cell Phones as my research paper topic. Cell Phones have changed us, society, friends, and families drastically over the years. All over the world Cell Phones have become a huge part of peoples lives. As computers were once stationary items for research and work use, they are now used for games, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, online buying, etc. You can virtually do anything you want, and buy anything you want on the computer. Today, Cell Phones have now become a mobile computer at the palms of your hands.

 Most humans cannot function without having their Cell Phone with them. If someone leaves his/her phone at home they usually say they feel "naked". Not only do Cell Phones take over learning environments and social events, they are also accused to cause brain cancer. Cell Phones have gone from being a means of talking incase of emergencies or questions to causing fatal car accidents due to people sending a text message with the content "LOL". In todays society with texting and cell phone games, people rarely every spend quality family time anymore, and many accidents and problems are caused because of Cell Phones.

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  1. I like you perception of what cell phone has created also within it's glory.
    Thank you for posting this on here, I am helping my younger brother with his senior research project and I thouhgt it be an interesting topic being it has much become a reality of our society to can't do without thier cell phones for whatever reason. Could you email me some of your sources so i can check it out? ( thank you much.